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Guest One: Joshua Habermann

The Best Show In Town welcomes one of the best musical director’s in the Southwest, Joshua Habermann, musical director for the Santa Fe Desert Chorale. Undergoing its 34th season, Habermann shares how the ensemble has raised its artistic profile and broadened its programming to include choral-orchestral masterworks as well as cutting-edge a cappella programs. He also discusses the exciting community outreach projects and the power that music carries with it to bring people together and provide a place for individuals to belong to something that can allow them to achieve something greater than the individual. The Santa Fe Desert Chorale is one of the longest continually performing professional music organizations in New Mexico, as well as one of the most distinguished. It successfully achieves its mission of exciting, engaging and inspiring diverse audiences with the beauty and power of great choral music.

Guest Two: Roberta Parry

Roberta Parry – Artist and Award-winning playwright and author, Roberta Parry talks about what inspires her creative process from the art of painting water colors to writing a 500-page novel. Always an inspired individual, Roberta talks about her new innovative book, “Killing Time”, a novel she refers to as having something for everyone: Drama, humor, nostalgia, sex, mystery, murder. We discuss the variety of creative and innovative literary techniques she employs, from removing the “he saids, and she saids”, to putting it in the form of a “novel in two acts”. She also tells the story of the inspiration behind her book, her creative process as well as her desire to pay tribute to a nostalgic piece of Americana she fears may be quickly disappearing.  

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Guest One: Billy Turney

The Best Show In Town is joined by one of our best musical inspirations, founder of Santa Fe’s own internationally acclaimed Scola Cantorum, Billy Turney. He joins host, MK in- studio for a lively discussion about the choral group he founded 25 years ago. He shares what originally inspired him along with a background story which includes a personal connection to the Vatican! We also discuss the group’s latest tour through Ireland as well as the many different styles of music the choral group performs locally and internationally. You can also find out where to go for its upcoming performances.

Guest Two: Roger Morris

Former National Security Staff member for both Nixon and Johnson as well as award winning journalist and author, Roger Morris gives us his take on the political landscape of the Republican National Convention. He reflects upon the larger historical context of this election and its strategies. And he explains why it is one of the most important elections in history.

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The Best Show in Town invites one of the nation’s leading life coaches and award-winning authors, Diane Altomare to help us find the best approach for dealing with those sometimes scary things called emotions. She lays out her revolutionary strategy in her latest book “Clarity”. She advocates the notion of taking the “shame” out of our emotions and instead using them as a tool to better know ourselves. In doing so, she explains how, when recognized and directed properly, emotions can actually become extremely useful vehicles through which we can find our truest selves. She helps us find the language of our emotions by providing a virtual index she calls the “voice of our emotions”. She explains why emotions are not something we can afford to ignore and illuminates the vital resource they can be toward living authentic and productive lives, individually and collectively.

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Guest One: Carolyn Berry

The Best Show In Town is honored by Author and “Happiness Expert”, Carolyn Berry teaching us how to find and discover our best selves. She shares the philosophy behind her book, “From Misery To Happiness: How to Become Authentically Happy And Make The World A Happier Place”. She talks about redefining “happy” so that it reflects a more authentic sense of self and encourages moving away from the “shoulds” in life. She refers to what she calls “the four virtues” of Gratitude, Love, Acceptance and Constructive Attention as the backbone toward a greater sense of fulfillment in life. She explains how she herself had to literally “practice” these four virtues until they became second nature and in so doing unexpectedly discovered that they had become literal states of being. Her hope is that in empathetically sharing her own journey from misery to happiness, others may find inspiration to do the same. Her goal is to help make the world a happier place, one genuine smile at a time.

Guest Two: Patrick Finn –

Professor, musician, designer, Ted Talk presenter, and author, Patrick Finn is taking on the educational establishment head on in his book, “Critical Condition”. He argues that the educational system needs to re-examine how it teaches critical thinking skills and instead focus more on teaching what he calls “Loving Communication”. He examines how critical thinking can actually encourage close-mindedness and even violence, especially when taught with the wrong focus or end goal. In teaching students to articulate their thoughts and arguments, he proposes using more “Yes, and” in our language versus, “Yes, but”. His suggests that loving communication is actually a more vigorous exercise than critical thinking in that it challenges us at our very core. It can often even expose our own prejudices and limited thinking. He encourages us to open our minds to the creative process of open and inclusive dialogue.

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