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Zelie Pollon, KSFR News Director interviews North Vietnamese Artist Ta May Ly at Santa Fe's Pancakes on the Plaza Fourth of July Celebration.

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Hannah Nordhaus tells the story of her Great Great Grandmother Julia Staab the ghost of Santa Fe’s own La Posada Hotel. She explores the the life of Julia from her birth in Germany to her life with her husband and children in Territorial New Mexico. It is a story of pioneer woman and immigrants. of ghost hunters and physics, and of Imagination and myth. She tells how  the true life story becomes an ghost story !!

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Al Jazeera Journalist Peter Greste spent more than 400 days in a Cairo prison for supposedly conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood. He was finally released this past February. Greste spoke about his experience in jail and the current state of journalism at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 7pm on April 20, 2015. For anyone who might have missed the extensive media coverage of his arrest and detainment, Zelie Pollon, a friend and colleague of his, asked him to begin by talking about the day in late 2013 when he was arrested in Cairo

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Dan DeFrancesco has a conversation with Co-Author Peter Schwartz about the Spiritual side of Baseball and how it can be compared to our own Religious or Spiritual beliefs. An Inning by Inning look at the “ineffable” aspects of Baseball and Spirituality.

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Colleen Wormsly tells Dan Defrancesco about all the Social Change Programs available for Teens and Young Adults at DoAnything.ORG . The Organization was founded to help young people who want to get involved in Social Change Programs assisting Non-Profit Organizations around the Country.

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Robert Waggoner discusses his techniques achieve Lucid Dreaming with simple exercises that can be done to control your dream state. Additionally, he describes how to use your dreams to over come life problems, interact with Dream Figures, and explore the contents of your subconscious.

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This is a presentation about astrological configuration during the year ahead given by 5 astrologers: Merrylin LeBlanc, Atma Devi, Jason Holley, Marcia Starck, and Daniel Fiverson.  

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The Wall Street Journal once described him as an environmental Pit Bull. Other environmentalist groups hail him as a hero and a visionary. Randy Hayes founded the Rainforest Action Network in 1985 to protect the rapid destruction of the world’s rainforests. RAN’s highly publicized and effective political campaigns targeting multinational corporations have had ramifications around the world and have become a blueprint for non violent action. Hayes was in Santa Fe recently speaking about architecture and promoting a climate Activist Summit to be held here this weekend.

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Dan DeFrancesco discusses a wide range of Paranormal topics that Linda has investigated over her almost thirty years as a TV News Reporter, Author and Documentary Film Maker.  Items they discussed includes Animal Mutilation, UFO Sightings, and Government Cover Ups and Conspiracies.

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Gar Alperovitz, internationally known political economist, historian, activist and author of America Beyond Capitalism and What Then Must We Do, will share his vision of how the US can democratize the economy to create community wealth and bridge the growing income gap between the rich and everyone else. Dr. Alperovitz is Lionel R. Bauman Professof of Political Economy at the University of Maryland and co-founder of the Democracy Collaborative.

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